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EXCITING NEWS! I am pleased to announce that NCWCA (Northern California Women's Caucus for Art) is partnering with the Alice Paul Institute and the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House for the ACCESS: An Ordinary Notion Exhibition! For details, click HERE.

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call for art!


Deadline to submit, April 17, 2024



Elizabeth Addison & Karen M. Gutfreund, co-curators

Exhibition Dates: June 15 through July 13, 2024

In-person Panel, Pre-reception Event: Saturday, June 15, 2-5 PM

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 7-9 PM

With ACCESS: An Ordinary Notion, we seek artworks from women, including trans women, femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer, and non-binary artists that tell individual stories and advocate for social justice and human rights. ACCESS: An Ordinary Notion will showcase art in all media that speak to and illuminate the ongoing conversation around race, women's and LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive rights, disparities in global wealth, power, access to food, water, shelter, education, health services, disability access, child and elder care, along with immigration issues, climate change, and criminal (in)justice in the modern world. We are encouraging a wide range of interpretations.

For details, click HERE.


Above: Chalchiuhtlicue (detail), Mixed media: original imagery on 100% cotton rag paper, glass and gold beads, acrylic paint, 13 x 13 x 2 inches, 2024. One of three works featured in Cut and Run at Arc's Project Gallery.

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Above: Redemption, from the Interconnected Systems series, Mixed media: original imagery on 100% cotton rag paper, art papers, acrylic paint, 13 x 13 x 4 inches, 2023. At KALA Gallery for KALA 50 Exhibition & Benefit.

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exhibitions & events

April 13 through May 4, 2024



Arc Project Gallery, San Francisco

Dianne Hoffman, curator

Reception: Saturday, April 13, 7-9 PM

I’m pleased to announce that three of my dimensional collages are featured in Cut and Run, Collage-a-Rama’s 2024 exhibition! The medium of collage feels like a celebration of disparate materials and imagery. It is a practice of synthesis and noticing small details that when placed together can communicate cutting-edge ideas! Celebrate the many approaches, concepts, and facets of Collage with the creative community of Arc's Collage-A-Rama artist group curated by Dianne Hoffman. This exhibit coincides with the opening of the "Music of Art" exhibition in Arc's Main Gallery. For details, click HERE

March 21 through April 27, 2024


KALA Gallery, Berkeley

50th Anniversary Party, live auction & short program: Saturday, April 27, 6-9 PM

Celebrating Kala’s 50th year, KALA 50 brings together Kala’s creative community and features the inventive and meaningful art being made right here in the Bay Area. I’m honored to have Redemption featured in this exciting exhibit! My dimensional collage features original imagery (cellular structure of a cherry plum tree leaf) and it looks forward to going to a loving home. Profits are donated to Kala Art Institute and its meaningful programs. To place a bid, or plan your visit, click HERE

Order your copy!


I’m excited to announce the third publication in this important series with an introductory essay by Tanya Augsburg. This beautiful volume chronicles the work and lives of 23 artists through the 1980s. I’m proud to be a part of this extraordinary project and extend my deepest gratitude to Jan Wurm, the project’s fearless leader, and Carol Benioff, my co-designer. Order your copy HERE.

June through January 2024


Solo Exhibition at Bandwidth10

Curated by Leitha Thrall

Addison on Addison features 22 artworks from three of my favorite series: The Crater Project, Pandemania Days, and the Smith River series. Sculptor Leitha Thrall curated my solo show in Bandwidth10’s elegant open office environment. Visitors are welcome by appointment through September. Reach out to me to schedule a date!

recent curatorial projects

November 1-30, 2023


Reception: Saturday, November 11, 3-6 pm

Elizabeth Addison, Exhibition Director & Curator

Robert Abrams & Leah Andrews, Jurors

Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany CA

I’m proud to present my latest curatorial project for NCWCA (Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art), opening soon! Devastating Loves and Transcendent Hatreds features artwork created by 27 women (including those who identify as female and non-binary) in various media and materials that tell stories of our most extreme emotional states - of passion and obsession, devastation and transcendence. Preview the exhibition HERE.

June 17 - August 12, 2023


Elizabeth Addison, Exhibition Director

Karen Gutfreund, Juror

Arc Studios and Gallery & Online

Portals can be openings into new realities. They conjure images of liminality, shimmering lights, whirling openings to otherworldly realms, gateways that allow energy to pass between dimensions or doorways for the world of matter to commune with spirit. In our day-to-day lives, portals can have magical or disorienting effects, perhaps causing us to forget why we entered in the first place. Or, a portal might signify personal growth, self-actualization, or transcendence.
View the Online Gallery HERE

Gallery Exhibition Details HERE

Order your Catalog HERE

June 18 - August 13, 2022


Elizabeth Addison, Curator & Cynthia Brannvall, Juror

Arc Studios and Gallery, San Francisco

You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you. 

~Isadora Duncan
To view artwork and catalog, click HERE.

We all have a wild side, whether we stride boldly there or keep it under the radar. Women, traditionally, have been taught to keep their “wildness” under wraps – raucous, adventurous, risk-taking, bold & brave, sometimes licentious, or living outside traditional moral codes. For THE WILD SIDE, California women artists evoke drama, awe, and strong emotions with works that excite visually… and celebrate the untamed! 


April 1-May 3, 2022


Curated Invitational & Regional Juried Exhibitions in two locations.
Abrams Claghorn Gallery - Curated Invitational Exhibition

Laney College’s June Steingart Art Gallery - Regional Juried Exhibition

Curators: Elizabeth Addison & Robert Abrams

Perched at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the West Coast is extremely dynamic and complex. We experience water in its absence, fury, and spiritual significance – from crashing waves and rushing rapids to gurgling flows and gentle splashes. 63 West Coast artists have taken a dive into the deep for Shimmer with works in a wide range of media that inform, inspire, and refresh.

videos, talks & panels


Interview on CanvasRebel!


I'm proud to share this new interview. It sums up where I'm at these days and the satisfaction derived from an unanticipated fork in my creative path. Read full interview HERE.

Saturday, April 29, 2023, 10am on Zoom

ARTIST TALK! INQUESTigation: Women at the Intersections of Art + Science

This Zoom talk featured women at the intersections of art and science, Part of the WCA National Exhibition at Monmouth Museum in New Jersey. I am one of the invited artists who spoke about sustaining a creative practice that engages in science at varying levels. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 6pm on Zoom

Gallery Route One

Pamela Blotner hosted a lovely installment of Gallery Route One's Artists' Exchange. Vicki Gunter and I enjoyed answering your questions about our art practices and methods. View the recording HERE!

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